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[Advertise] Advertising materials for Social Media.

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Hello everyone! Here I post advertise materials which you are free to use in case if you want to advertise our server on social media / other platforms. You are allowed to use any and all of materials posted here, however you are not allowed to post a) misleading information or b)any harmful information

   For example:
a) Server will give you GM from day 1,
a1) They allow macro or auto-potions
b ) I got banned without reason,
b1) This server will close after 2 days


Banners available:


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Old banner:

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Available videos:

Youtube Channel


Discord / Skype / Facebook advertise suggested text.
:loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker: NoLimit MuOnline:loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker:

:earth_africa::earth_africa::earth_africa: Website: https://nolimit.lv/ :earth_africa::earth_africa::earth_africa:

:medal::medal::medal: Expierience: MAXIMAL :medal::medal::medal:

:first_place::first_place::first_place:TOP Season 4 Server for almost a year!:first_place::first_place::first_place:

:crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:BALANCED PvP :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

:crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords: ALL CLASS COMBO :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

:gift::gift::gift: FREEBIES Auto Insert FO SET :gift::gift::gift:

:meding_heart::meding_heart::meding_heart:Friendly community :meding_heart::meding_heart::meding_heart:

:dollar::dollar::dollar: 3 ways to get Free DONATE Items :dollar::dollar::dollar:

:100::100::100: Achievement system:100::100::100:

:100::100::100:Active GMs and Admins :100::100::100:


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Lets play a game?



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NoLimit MuOnline is looking for Facebook advertiser(s)!
Your job will be to advertise NoLimit MuOnline in Facebook social platform. You will need to post/share our advertise every 24hours minimum one time in limits of Facebook policies to prevent being blocked from Share/Post content. 
1. Post in MuOnline advertise groups (10-15 groups daily) every day.
2. Share 1 hour (minimum) long live stream on facebook MuOnline Advertise (NOT PRIVATE SERVER) groups once a week.
3. Like all your own posts about NoLimit MuOnline in these groups as well as respond to players question in these groups. 
4. If you are an advertiser of any other server - this oportunity is not for you. We are looking for NoLimit MuOnline loyal player who wants to do this.
Facebook poster rewards are following:
1. After 2 weeks of continuous posting (it means without skipping days) you will get Full Fire OR Combo 1.0 set for any class (One set)
2. After 4 weeks of continuous posting (it means without skipping days) you will get Free upgrade of Combo 1.0 set to BEST Set. BEST Set is described in PM. (One set)
4. After first 4 weeks of sharing passed you will get new SET OF CHOICE(any from available donate sets) every 4 weeks. 
We will provide our facebook posters with 100k Gold + VIP Status on account(account that is used for streaming), all live stream done by Facebook posters will have to be from new (not fully equipped) account and we require you to show game process (Events, Boss hunt, Seeds craft, Gemstone/SOL hunt, Leveling, etc). 
To apply for this position - send me an e-mail to [email protected] and explain, why it is you who need this possition!
EDIT: No, we don't ask you to use web camera for streaming, you don't have to show yourself to the people.

Edited by NoLimitBM, 04/12/2021 - 17:38:03.

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Lets play a game?



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