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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone , I am a new member to the game . I feel very happy when I know this game. If you want to find something really nice, such as a good set or weapon, where do you search, donate or train in map?

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Hello and welcome


wheel there is more whey to get it , [Tutorial(REMASTERED)]How-to nolimit.lv - Descriptions & Tutorials - NoLimit Comunity


you can train and buy from Webshop 5soc Mix with Gold Coins ,

[SEED SPHERE TUTORIAL] Info - Descriptions & Tutorials - NoLimit Comunity

Tutorial - How to unlock bonus options in set and weapons - Descriptions & Tutorials - NoLimit Comunity



you can donate for same socket set Donate Sets and Items[REMASTERED] - Marketplace - NoLimit Comunity


or you can collect SOLs (Sing Of Lord ) and join auction and bid for donate items [Tutorial(REMASTERED)] How-to Sign of Lord. - Descriptions & Tutorials - NoLimit Comunity

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Hello Victor and welcome to our awesome game, Here in forum we have many tutorials  for new players also here you find information about donate sets and if you want to buy good items for gold you can look in game site at webshop , the most valuable things in game are sign of lord , gemstones you can hunt in kanturu maps and you can refine them in Lorencia, also  Large complex potions (LCP) can be sold for good amount of gold coins 


If you have more questions dont be shy and PM me in Discord , enjoy the game and vote for our server to gain even more awesome prizes as free donated items for top voters (check VOTE) section in site 

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I feel great for this game because of your enthusiasm and friendliness

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