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[EVENT MASTER] Looking for you!

Become eGM

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Hello players! We are planning to launch new event which will be going on ALL THE TIME! 

Idea is from our player - Essen. He suggested to make weekly events for points - all week long players collect points in events and at end of each week we reward winning players with most points. To do this we need extra firepower - one more GM, because we don't want to take usual events away from you guys! This is why we are looking for EVENT MASTER. 


Info here:

This is what we expect you to do:
1. Make minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 events in 24 hours, can't be 10 or 15 events in a row - must be in different times.
2. Don't use any of unnecesary GM commands. You can use ONLY /gmpost and /notice to announce and do the events.(You will have limitations)
3. Don't solve player problems - any problem player reports you report to GMs/Admins in Skype group.
4. You speak English fluently. 
How it works.
1. Each won event gives player 1 point. Your events doesnt give any additional prize. Only points.
2. You count all the points in .txt file on your PC and each 24h send updated WeeklyPoints.txt in our Skype GMs/Admins group.
What you get.
1. Monthly salary of 200 Euro.
2. Helpful collegues in GM team.
What will happen at the end of the week?
TOP3 players by points will get free Donate items.
TOP1 - Full HP Shield of choice.
TOP2 - Full EDRI Weapon of choice.
TOP3 - Full Fire items of choice.
Prizes might change depending on player requests, activity and total online count (winner count might increase).
Payout - Each months 30th date, can be moved +/- 3 days in case of crysis. 
If you think that we are looking for YOU - send me your application with subject: "Char Name - EVENT MASTER" to e-mail: [email protected]
I will not reply to all e-mails, we received it - no need to send 3 times. Thanks.
Application MUST HAVE(should have more info then requested):
1. Main character name,
2. GM Expierience (Server name, how long for, what did you do)
3. Time zone and possible active hours EVERY DAY
4. What events will you make for players?
5. Why should we pick you?
6. Age

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Lets play a game?



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Thanks for mentioning me NoLimit!
This is great opportunity for someone to be a GM and even make monthly salary, but think about this point:

4. What events will you make for players? 
please be creative and think what are ingame 
possibilities and what can you offer to players, that they and yourself dont get bored after some time.
for example: 5 hide n seek and 5 teleport events doesnt sound very entertaining.

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This is awesome ,thank you for this ,  application sent , have a beautiful day and NoLimit POWER!!!!

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Thanks to all participants who sent me their applications! Event master has been chosen. 


Everyone welcome - Event GM - Gabyas!

He will start weekly events for points starting from next week(not just in middle of week lol :) ). Until then he will be practising handling large amounts of people by making few other, usual events. 
Please be patient and kind!


Thank you!

Lets play a game?



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