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Hi Nolimit , I have to Get Permanant Ban bcz i have to kill Back ppl who have to kill me at night when i was afk.


I have to read rulls and for mass kiling get frist time 1 warn or max 1-3 days but not permanent and i got reason 2.6 that is not fair pls check.


Look Proof 





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Hello. We will discuss your ban term with GMs later today. However, killing multiple people and not taking their spot is considered mass pk, and the punishments are chosen by GMs, not by mass killer. 

Lets play a game?



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Hello your ban was reduced on 7 days. you was not killing just ppl that killed you  !

Next time report to us and don't take action into your hand :) that's why we are here .


[General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /post ok nooobs i cant stay afk, die all)
06:37:52 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /move Kanturu2)
06:37:55 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /pkclear)
06:38:29 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /move Kanturu2)
06:40:13 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /pkclear)
06:46:16 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /pkclear)
06:48:00 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /post where are you guys)
06:57:34 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /post yea, bcz i cant stay afk im bored of this)
06:57:39 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /post idc i kill all..)
07:00:41 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /post is boring , every time when i was afk)
07:00:51 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: /post i wake up , and i was dead)
07:14:11 [General][ACCNAME][ZenN] - (Message: i go to hunt lenox , soulkeeper and some kids)

Edited by NoLimitBM, 21/07/2021 - 19:57:20.
ACC NAME removed from Log entry.

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