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[Tutorial(REMASTERED)]How-to nolimit.lv

Secrets of Life

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Hello everyone! In this topic I will explain you how-to and what-to-do in this server. 

This is overall information that can help you to progress in nolimit.lv server.



1. Welcome Newbies!



We have Freebies for Newbies - ALL newbies can apply for Freebie, 7500 Gold, in facebook. To get this freebie you need to register account(obviously, you already have one, skip this one), make a character in game(if don't have), go to Vote Reward system and vote on all links with REAL VOTES - yes - we can check! When finished voting just go to our facebook page and send me a message that contain:

  1. Character name
  2. Last vote time and date
  3. Information where you found us. TOPSITE is not an answer, but top100arena/GTop100/TopG/xtremetop100/facebook advertise/friend invite is very good answer. 

Freebies will be added ASAP, but not later then 12 hours from request. 



2. Start the game


Server-1 is PvP Server

Server-2 is Non_PvP Server


After freebies are requested you should get your first steps done.

To get zen in game use command /zen 99999999999 and to finish 2nd and 3rd quest use command /evo

After this is done you can get your first FO gear from shops - all classes has special shop with starter gear(DL and MG has shared shop in Lorencia, near Blacksmith(behind the Lorencia Bar))



3. Getting MAX STATS



There are A LOT of people out there, if 10% of them are ready to help you level up (give party) then you can get minimum 25 parties. Just ask / look for them. You can get max stats (32767) in few hours.



4. Valuables



Most valued things in this server is Sign of Lord(SoL) and seeds. Sign of Lord drops everywhere, you just need to spot them and pick them up. SoL can stack up to 255 items in one piece. 

Seeds can be crafted in game, most valuable seeds are HP 8%, Reduce 8% - everyone in every set need them. 

Sign of Lord drop rate in maps is 1500.

Sign of Lord drop rate in Blood Castle 8 / Devil Square 7 is 4000

Sign of Lord drop in ATLANS 1-3 is 2500.



5. Auctions



Why SoL is a valuable? Because of Auctions (in game by Admins / in website by players). SoL is a currency used in auctions - you can get  donate items for free - just make sure you place the highest bet! Auctions in game take place in Devias Church every 2 weeks(Saturdays). Here are the rules:


1. Minimal bid for items is announced together with item, but not less then 50 Sign of Lord.
2. Minimal bid rise for FIRST auction will be 20 Sign of Lord, auctions after the first one - 50 SOL.
3. One player(not one account, not one character - one PLAYER) can buy maximal 2 items - we need everyone to get a chance to get Donate items for free!
4. In time of bidding I expect from you silence. We don't chit chat in auction time. We DO chitchat in time between items - while Trade is being made or before next item anouncement. 
5. When we come to Devias Church - we leave our Wings in Warehouse. Wings are the ones that are mostly responsible for LAG in game. 
6. If player makes a bid, but can not pay it right away - after bidding for item is finished - player is disqualified from ALL auctions! No second chances!
7. Auction will start with Seed Sphere packs - Seed Sphere packs are not counted in Total Item count that user can buy. You can buy, for example, 3 Seed Packs + 2 items. We count only items, not the seeds. 
8. Sign of Lord and Donate - these things doesn't work together. Don't try offering money to Admins for SOL. 


What to expect from auctions?
4/5 Socket Full Fire new type items/Seed sphere packs. Depending on how old server is - new items will be added to auctions to keep you guys motivated to join them and upgrade your gear. 
6. Vote Reward
In our server we have Vote Reward system. If someone doesn't know what that is - you vote (real votes) - we give you reward. Plain and easy, right? No.
We have extra rewards each week for our TOP 10 Voters. Best of the best can get up to 4 additional rewards - Item(s), VIP Status, 2 Currencies(for now 2). Item - always TOP of the TOP item, exclusive donate items for free. 
7. Master Level leveling process.
Master exp in our server is 15x. It can change depending on you VIP status(get for free in Vote Reward system). Maximal Master level is 200. Since this is Season 4 server - you can fill up all your master skills with 200 points you get from 200 levels. Question marks under the skills doesn't open up when all skills are finished. It is what it is. 
8. Castle Siege
In our server battle for Castle Siege is meant to be FUN process. Winners of the Castle has their benefits though. In Land of Trials boss Erohim spawns, and he drops some real nice items - random seeds. You can later sell these seeds(after finishing your set) and get some extra SoL for auctions!
9. Boss/event drops.
Blood Castle(Any level): Drop 5 items, 20% chance of Ancient item, Seeds, Penta sphere, Jewel of Harmony and other - Every 2 hours
Chaos Castle(Any level): Drop 4 items, 20% chance of Ancient item, Seeds, Penta sphere, Jewel of Harmony and other Jewels - Every 2 hours
Kundun Boss: Drop 10 items, 80% chance of Ancient item, Exc items - Respawn in 5 locations every 3 hours
Erohim: Drop 10 items, 30% chance of Ancient item, High seeds and Gemstone drop rates. - Respawn every 1 hour
Balgass(Crywolf event): Drop 4 items, 100% chance of random seed - Crywolf event 2 times a week
Nightmare(Kanturu event): Drop 4 items, chance of random seed, chance of Gemstone - 1 time a day
Crywolf event: Drop 3 items, high seed rate, gemstone, Penta Sphere - 2 times a week
White wizard: Drop 2 items, Pentas(high chance), Wizards Ring, Gemstone - Every 4 hours
Skeleton King: Drop 3 items, Penta, 10% chance of Ancient item, Gemstone - Every 4 hours



10. Achievement system.



In addition to everything we have Achievement system. You can finish Achievements for reaching specific stats, making first resets, making Grand Resets, buying/selling items in Market, buying items in Webshop, using Website Auction, using Vote Reward and donate. Achievements have rewards, you can see them on achievement info. 



In-game commands:

/addstr - Add Strength
/addagi - Add Agility
/addvit - Add Vitlaity
/addene - Add Energy
/addcmd - Add Command
/evo - Evolve to 2nd and 3rd class
/zen 2000000000 - Set own zen to 2kkk
/reset |auto| - make reset in game
/greset - make Grand Reset in game
/post - POST in global chat
/re (On / Off / Auto) - Show/Hide/Automatical request approval.
/openware - Open warehouse anywhere IN SAFE ZONE
/attack - Start auto attack
/offattack (Server-2) - Start offattack


Chaos Machine rates:

Item +10, +11 = 100%

Item +12, +13 = 100%
Wings 1lvl = 90%
Wings 2lvl = 90%
Wings 3lvl = 90%
Dinorant = 100%
Pet mix rate= 100%
Feather of Condor = 90%


VIP System.

There are 2 VIP Levels in our server. 
1. Gold(Website) - Silver(Game) 
2. Platinum(Website) - Gold(Game)


Gold(Website) - Silver(Game)

Reset level: 280 (In game and in website)
Grand Reset reward: 8000 Gold(In game and in website)
Grand Reset 2nd reward: 1 Cash(In game and in website)
Reset reward: 13 Gold(In game and in website)
Vote reward increase by 70%
Usual exp in Server-2(2500x) changed to 5000x
Master exp in Server-1 increased by 33%
Master exp in Server-2(Non_PvP) increased by 375%


Platinum(Website) - Gold(Game)

Reset level: 200 (In game and in website)
Grand Reset reward: 9000 Gold(In game and in website)
Grand Reset 2nd reward: 2 Cash(In game and in website)
Reset reward: 15 Gold(In game and in website)
Vote reward increase by 90%
Usual exp in Server-2(2500x) changed to 9999x
Master exp in Server-1 increased by 100%
Master exp in Server-2(Non_PvP) increased by 500%


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