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Server info:

Server-1 PvP(9999x)
Server-2 Offattack_NONPK(2500x)
Exp: MAXIMAL(99999x)
Master exp: 15x
Drop: 70%
Points per level: 5/7/7
Version: Season 4 Episode 6
Spots in all maps!
Freebies for newbies: type /freebies in game.
DL/MG from level 1
Reset(in Website OR in game /reset)

Reset level: 400
Reset stats: NO
Clear inv: NO
Reset skills: NO
Same spot: YES
Auto Reset: YES
Maximal RR: 10000

Grand Reset(in Website OR in game /greset)

GR Level: 400
GR Resets: 50
Clear inv: NO
Reset skills: NO
Same spot: NO
Reward: 5000 Gold
Maximal GR: 1000

Achievements system(Free Gold)
Character Market
Web Market
Vote Reward
Currency Convert
Item Upgrade
Party EXP Bossted with or without Gold Party!

Offattack Server info:

Exp: 2500x
Master Exp: 5x
Drop items disappear after 1 second
Maximal master level: 150(to get 200 need to go to Server-1)


/addstr - Add Strength
/addagi - Add Agility
/addvit - Add Vitlaity
/addene - Add Energy
/addcmd - Add Command
/evo - Evolve to 2nd and 3rd class
/zen 2000000000 - Set own zen to 2kkk
/reset - make reset in game
/greset - make Grand Reset in game
/post - POST in global chat
/re (On / Off / Auto) - Show/Hide/Automatical request approval.
/openware - Open warehouse anywhere IN SAFE ZONE
/attack - Start auto attack
/offattack (Server-2) - Start offattack
/freebies - Get freebie reward, USE ONLY IN Server-1, use only 1 time!

Configured BOSS/Event drops

Blood Castle(Any level): Drop 5 items, 20% chance of Ancient item, Seeds, Penta sphere, Jewel of Harmony and other - Every 2 hours
Chaos Castle(Any level): Drop 4 items, 20% chance of Ancient item, Seeds, Penta sphere, Jewel of Harmony and other Jewels - Every 2 hours
Kundun Boss: Drop 10 items, 80% chance of Ancient item, Exc items - Respawn in 5 locations every 3 hours
Erohim: Drop 10 items, 30% chance of Ancient item, High seeds and Gemstone bundle drop rates. - Respawn every 1 hour
Balgass(Crywolf event): Drop 4 items, 100% chance of random seed - Crywolf event 2 times a week
Nightmare(Kanturu event): Drop 4 items, chance of random seed, chance of bundled Gemstone (10,20) - 1 time a day
Crywolf event: Drop 3 items, high seed rate, gemstone bundle, Penta Sphere - 2 times a week
White wizard: Drop 2 items, Pentas(high chance), Wizards Ring, Gemstone - Every 4 hours
Skeleton King: Drop 3 items, Penta, 10% chance of Ancient item, Gemstone - Every 4 hours

Castle Siege

Castle Siege will be happening every Saturday 12:00 Server Time. 

  • Registration for Castle SiegeDay - 0 2021-03-29 00:00
  • Castle Siege IdleDay - 3 2021-04-01 23:59
  • Register Mark Of The LordDay - 4 2021-04-02 00:00
  • Castle Siege IdleDay - 4 2021-04-02 18:00
  • Castle Attack NotificationDay - 4 2021-04-02 18:01
  • Get ready for Castle Siege!Day - 4 2021-04-02 19:00
  • Start of Castle Siege eventDay - 5 2021-04-03 12:00
  • End of Castle Siege eventDay - 5 2021-04-03 13:00
  • End of Castle cycleDay - 7 2021-04-05 00:00

Be aware - in this cycle Day 0 = Monday and Day 5 = Saturday
Owners of Castle Siege can go to Land of Trials map where Boss Erohim is located. Easy to get seeds and Ancient items. 


Basic Sets +9 +FO
Jewels (except Harmony and Gemstone)
Potions(no SD or AG potions)
Box of Kundun +1, +2, +3, +4, +5
All skills
Wings 2., 3. lvl
Basic weapons

PC Point Shop

Seals for exp (10 points)
Angel (10 points)
Demon (10 points)
Moonstone Ring (10 points)
Give us your ideas for items that we should add here.


Character stats when mouse above character in safe zone:

Grand Reset,

3 camera,
Auto reconnect,
Auto attack,
Auto party,
Auto reset,
Grand reset in game,
Maximal 3 game clients from 1 IP,
Currency Exchange:

Here you can use Cash. Rates:

Cash ==> Gold = 1:500
Cash ==> PcPoints = 1:100
Gold ==> PcPoints = 5:1

VIP System.

There are 2 VIP Levels in our server. 
1. Gold(Website) - Silver(Game) 
2. Platinum(Website) - Gold(Game)

Gold(Website) - Silver(Game)

Reset level: 280(Website only)
Grand Reset reward: 8000 Gold(In game and in website)
Grand Reset 2nd reward: 1 Cash(In game and in website)
Reset reward: 13 Gold(In game and in website)
Vote reward increase by 70%
Usual exp in Server-2(2500x) changed to 5000x
Master exp in Server-1 increased by 33%
Master exp in Server-2(Non_PvP) increased by 375%


Platinum(Website) - Gold(Game)

Reset level: 200(Website only)
Grand Reset reward: 9000 Gold(In game and in website)
Grand Reset 2nd reward: 2 Cash(In game and in website)
Reset reward: 15 Gold(In game and in website)
Vote reward increase by 90%
Usual exp in Server-2(2500x) changed to 9999x
Master exp in Server-1 increased by 100%
Master exp in Server-2(Non_PvP) increased by 500%



Starting from 10 April every 2 weeks we will make auction. In this auction you will be able to get top-donate items. In auction you will need Sign of Lord to make a bet. Player who offers more SOL(Sign of Lord) for item - wins. Minimal bet rise will be 50 SOL. Minimal bet will be told for each item seperately. If player makes a bet, but is not able to pay the price - he will be disqualified from auctions permanently. For eveny auction item Rules 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 apply. 


Testing Hall of Fame:

Top resets:


Guilds created:


Top suggestions:


People, who made this possible:



See you all ingame! Don't forget to VOTE FOR SERVER on all links, doing captchas and pressing the vote button on vote site! More you vote - more players will join! 
Like and Share our facebook page / posts! Many of you join because of facebook - more to come! 

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Lets play a game?



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You're Welcome ^^

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Thank you for this, everything looks good 

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