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Auction 27.02.2021 summary.


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Hello players! Here is last auction stats:
Total items: 6
1) Sword Breaker     +13 +FO +5soc FullFire lvl 5         oLUCIFERo 5000 SOLs
2) Royal Pants       +13 +FO +5soc FullFire lvl 5         SugoiBoy 510  SOLs
3) Absolute Scepther  +13 +FO +5soc FullFire lvl 5        NegaTivO 2550 SOLs
4) Sword Flameberge   +13 +FO +5soc FullFire lvl 5        oLUCIFERo 7000  SOLs
5) Guadian Sheald     +13 +FO +5soc FullFire lvl 5        KADILIMAN   765  SOLs
6) Pearl Pants        +13 +FO +5soc FullFire lvl 5        NegaTivO  255  SOLs
For 5 Soc Items This Rules aplay
1.10 It is not allowed to sell or trade pieces of Full Fire/Combo/Special sets to avoid missunderstandings, for safe selling, contact admin for information check! 
Punishment: Item removal / character / account block
1.11 Devias2 is an non-donator PvP zone. Players with donated Full Fire, Full Reduce, Full Ref or Full HP items is not allowed to fight there. 
Punishment: Warning, Character ban 1 - 14 days
Next Auction after 2 weeks 13.03.2021     

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