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1. Introduce yourself to players reading this application. (Link to your Say "Hello" post)
-Hi everyone, my name is jayrald laurel i'm  28 years old :) i'm from the Philippines.  I'm a fun person loves to talk and make friends with people so In-game you can always pm my character IMPOSTOR if you want to talk or ask any question i will do my best to help you out. some other players when seeing me in game calls me mooo <3 ok moooo and i hope all of you guys will support me <3 thanks
2. What is your IGN (In Game Nickname)?
-For my ingame name IMPOSTOR
3. Wich character of your's will be GM character?
IMPOSTOR because this is the character i use everyday :)
4. For how long are you a member of NoLimit.lv?
5. What brought you to MU-NoLimit?
-Well because there is covid19 i'm now currently working at home and usually after my shift  i have nothing to do so i decided to play Mu Online again because this is the game that i'm addicted since i was in High-school untill now. so i look for a classic mu online and notice that this mu nolimit is season 4 episode 6 so i tried this game and i notice that players and staff here is friendly.helpful and honest and i was able to gain friends so that is why i choose to stay and will support this server.
6. What is your base MU knowledge? Rate from 1-10 please.
-My knowledge with M.U online to be honest i rate my self as 10
7. Do you have GM experience? If yes , then how many comands do you know?
-i have GameMaster experience before it was around 2003 or 2020 it was only for about 3 or 4 months because the server(owner) was too busy with his personal life and having a hard time maintaining the server because he is the only one that have skill in scripting or programming the server, at that time the owner wanted me to become an admin but i was not able to because i can't help him with programming and i don't have idea being an admin even now. For commands can't really remember all but when i was a GM i have a list on the commands how to send zen, to drop items or create, to disconnect  and more etc, i can learn it again.
8. What is your language skills?
-I know how to speak English and Tagalog 
9. What is your aim/goal to complete, if you recieve the GM status?
-my aim/goal is to increase the servers population by inviting my friends that i played with before also. will advertise the server in facebook groups for mu, and also i want to create events for palyers for them
to have more fun and i want to hear their concerns and issues and to help them as much as 
i can in order to satisfy and fix their problems. plus more importantly treat them with 
respect and build a good friendly relationship with all the members of nolimitmuonline community.
-if i will become a GameMaster ill make sure to be fair on implementing the rules  
-i will do my best and give 100% in doing my responsibility as a GM. :)
10. What is your average online hours per day ratio? (How much hours on average you spend in NoLimit.lv)
-Monday to Sunday i can be online for 6-12 hours but in Saturday-Sunday i can be online for a minimum of 12 hours.
11. How old are you? 
-i'm 28 years old

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Hey, For now this application is close because it not reaching minimal standards, try apply again in 3months  , your hello post is missing ..etc


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